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A crab lives in my throat,
Well … Lived.
When the fear disappears,
There were no more words to eat
Nor oxygen,
The heart stole the cry,
The breath also,
Poor! Too small is my chest,
For the crab
And their pincers scape for an eye.

Have you ever felt the bite
that wakes you up crying, mourning?

A silence lives in your house,
It has just moved
With me.

(Art and poems of Ytaelena López)

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Porque a veces no estoy aquí
y me quedo sin aire
esperando el retorno del azul
azuzando la huida.

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I like the nobility
Of those who lose their lives in battle
Especially if they do it in front of me
On the grill


Me gusta la nobleza
De quién pierde su vida en batalla
Principalmente si se encuentra frente a mí
A la parrilla

(Dibujo y poema de Ytaelena López)