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I believe that I learned to read so early because I am a stubborn. Since I was a baby I have been used to going to bed very late, unlike my mother who often fell asleep before nine. Forget about asking her to read me a book or watching television at night!

To combat the boredom that caused me to watch the ceiling and count the turns of the fan blades in silence, I began to explore the house. My dad had a large collection of books dotted in every corner of the house, including the bathroom. It was there where I discovered The Far Side Gallery, the collection of comics from the New York Times Magazine.

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Porque a veces no estoy aquí
y me quedo sin aire
esperando el retorno del azul
azuzando la huida.

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Y me miré al espejo,
Y el mar salió de mis ojos
Y fui libre
De ser tu despojo.

Starfish / Estrella de mar

And I looked me in the mirror,
And the sea came out of my eyes
And I was free
Of your remnant to be.

P.D.: Dibujo y poema de Ytaelena López. Video también.

I like the nobility
Of those who lose their lives in battle
Especially if they do it in front of me
On the grill


Me gusta la nobleza
De quién pierde su vida en batalla
Principalmente si se encuentra frente a mí
A la parrilla

(Dibujo y poema de Ytaelena López)

En serio
No quise hundir mis dedos
Sobre tu piel esponjosa
Quizás sólo cavar


I didn’t want to sink my fingers
Into your spongy skin
Maybe only to dig

Dibujo y poema de Ytaelena López