Yta is a Venezuelan artist who has been doing poetic performances since 1998. Her first projects were with GrupoGrama, a multimedia art collective in Caracas that promotes new artistic talent and cultural events in alternative public spaces. The most popular was the video-installation ANI-MALES, which was presented at the Salon for Young Artists in the Universidad Central de Venezuela (among other places) and the video performance GREEN-PE, THE INFECTIOUS. Both are available at her website.  She is the author of Pliegues (2007) and is part of the anthology Voces Nuevas of Celarg-Monteavila (1998).

Yta studied for a year at the cartooning school Lopez and Acosta as well as painting and sculpture at Cristobal Rojas. After that, she got her degree Social Communication and Literature. During that period, among other things she worked as an arts & culture reporter and did  some curatorships.

In Miami, she got her master’s in Journalism Research specializing in Latino minorities. It was there when when she was touched in very intimate way by the drama of immigrants. The sensation of No-Place and their agony under the Ulysses syndrome, besides the poverty, is now a constant in her work.

San Francisco (CA) was the next stop and the return to her first vocation. Immediately upon arrival (2007) she went to study art with Michael Markowitz. In December 2007 she creted a video-performace called ‘BITCH: pavlovian solutions for the modern home‘ at Artists’ Television Access. In the same gallery, in January 2008, Yta did a pictorial multimedia installation called “Bitch, welcome to America.” The theme is the application of scientific methods for the social conditioning of women and immigrants.

Yta participated in the Illussion 7 Dreams/ Sueños in Mission Cultural Center with a painting performance last September.

Now she is working on the “Mission: The Virtual Afterlife” project, a interactive map installation exhibited during the show Day of the Dead in a Time of Change at SOMARTS Cultural Center in San Francisco, between October 10 and November 4, 2008. At the same time she is doing  another installation in the Dia de Muertos exhibition at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco.

She also participated in FEMINAS: Primer salon internacional de mujeres pequeño formato,
acerca del cancer de mamas
(First international salon about breast cancer) at Galería Locarno in Talca, Chile.

Yta combines poetry, painting and performance in work focused toward tolerance and self acceptance. She shows common worries -identity, violence y femininity- though her own person, to write a fiction in images where there is no clear the border between public and private issues, between she and you.

Racial dilemmas, sadomasochism, moral voyeurism, pleasure and guilt? You have to decide whatever is in here:


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